Isuzu recognizes the importance of constant advancement in automotive manufacturing. We always aim to develop the best quality of our products to meet international standards and environmentally friendly practices. Most recently, we use the latest technology to design the Isuzu 1.9 Ddi Blue Power engine that can retain the speed, power, fuel-saving, lowest CO2 emissions capability and the guaranteed laboratory CO2 emission level that complies with the international standard. Moreover, we have incorporated other technologies and innovations into our automotive manufacturing process to meet the highest demands of our customers.


Robots and Isuzu Automotive Assembly

With the highest robot welding ratio in automotive company in Thailand, Isuzu uses high-precision robots as part of our vehicle assembly process such as in the Frame factory, Body factory, and Paint factory. Robots are used to achieve maximum quality and efficiency of body welding and painting. The key factor for using robots is to reduce worker fatigue, to make it more convenient for employees to work in difficult spots or places of extreme heat as well as to allow them to work in a better and safer environment.

Advanced ED Technology  

The works at Paint factory begin with the electro deposition coating of vehicle bodies to provide protection against corrosion, followed by the sealing of cabin seams to prevent water leaks and the final paint coating process in the color specified by customers. The unique feature of Paint factory is the use of the Advanced ED technology to make a 360º rotation of vehicle bodies during the electro deposition coating process. This technology enables Isuzu to produce vehicles with maximum paint quality.



With the intention of Isuzu to deliver the highest quality products with the same standard to customers around the world, we are always devoted and committed to the Isuzu Monozukuri in our operations. Isuzu Monozukuri is the concept of developing capability of individuals to produce high-quality products that meet customer expectations and to continuously improve the implementation as to prevent the problems that have occurred in the past. Isuzu has therefore continuously trained employees through various activities at all times.

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