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Isuzu Motors Company (Thailand) Limited or IMCT is a leading manufacturer of pick-up trucks, pick-up passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles in Thailand’s automotive industry.
The company is committed to the mission of manufacturing quality products to meet the needs of its domestic and foreign customers all over the world.

Founded in 1966 with the current registered capital of 8,500 million baht, IMCT has two assembly plants: Samrong Plant in Samut Prakan Province and Gateway Plant in Chachoengsao Province. The two plants have a combined production capacity of 385,000 vehicles per year through the dedicated effort of 6,000 employees which enable IMCT to have a secure and longstanding automotive business in Thailand for more than 55 years.

Isuzu is proud to be part of the automotive innovations and product development to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. We continue this pursuit with a strong commitment to our corporate social responsibilities, support of community development and sustainable environmental conservation.

ISUZU ID: New corporate philosophy

The logistics industry is undergoing a once-in-a-century transformation at a rapid pace, making business operations more and more complex. Isuzu is committed to addressing societal challenges while taking a leading position among commercial vehicle manufacturers. It is vital that each and every Isuzu Group employee share the same values, and work as one team to achieve this. “ISUZU ID”, our new corporate philosophy, has been created in May of 2023 to guide all Isuzu Group employees towards this end.

This statement represents our determination to go beyond our previous corporate philosophy*. It emphasizes transport solutions for all goods and people, creating value that enriches society, while addressing pressing issues such as carbon neutrality and a changing logistics landscape.

*Previous corporate philosophy: Isuzu will always mean the best – A global team delivering inspired products and services committed to exceeding expectations

In addressing the many challenges facing society today, Isuzu is committed to leading the way in innovation to bring positive change by combining the power of “Reliability” and ”Creativity”, attributes that Isuzu has long cherished.

Isuzu aims to be No.1 in the areas of “Satisfaction”, “Sustainability”, “Engagement” and “Social Impact”, to move society forward together with all stakeholders.

In order to create better life with better transport as an innovation leader, Isuzu Group employees must work towards a common goal as one team. “Mutual Growth” encourages all employees to embrace challenges and change. This in turn promotes respect, empowerment and inspiration, helping drive mutual growth and spur innovation among individual employees and the group as a whole.


IMCT employees are obliged and commit to the Compliance Policy in our day-to-day operation. These standards are our base of behavior for acting with integrity at all times.

Our goal is to enhance our corporate value through providing our products and services useful and beneficial to society. However, such goal could not be attained without trust from our business partners such as our shareholders, our parent or group companies, suppliers and other various contractors.

We will keep a due relationship withgovernmental or political entities, and confront anti-social forces and organizations by all means as a member of society.

We will continue to enhance our corporate value through performing righteous business operation
in order to satisfy our shareholders, other stakeholders and society as well.

We will respect personality and individuality of each employee, and accommodate safe and comfortable working environment so as to maximize the ability of employees.

Through our business activities, we will make active role for preserving good environment of society and local community as a good citizen.

Our Company should have a strong tie of friendship with social community in various
aspects including daily activities of each person and our corporate activities. We will pursue our
business activities in good accord with social interest and will make an active engagement in
Corporate Social Responsibility as a good corporate citizen.

We will respect international rule and local culture/customs of each country and contribute
to their development through our business activities.

Isuzu Group Thailand 8 Employee Values

From the past, Isuzu has overcome various problems by using “unity” and “teamwork” as a key success. Nowadays the business environment has changed rapidly. Under such circumstances, Isuzu needs employees who have a strong leadership, are able to handle every problem and be ready to cope with any circumstances. Therefore the 8 employee values have been set up to change the mindset and values of Isuzu employees to become a unity and drive the organization to success together.

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International standards achieved by Isuzu

Isuzu is committed to developing vehicles of the highest quality, in terms of safety and fitting performance for all user demands, that are environmental-friendly and compliant with the international standards of quality control.