Gateway Body Assembly

Profile & Qualification Required

  • Age preferably 22 – 25 Years Old
  • Bachelor degree in Industrial , Production or Mechanical engineering
  • Good command in English spoken, written, read. Able to report in English
  • Have some knowledge in general software such as Microsoft office (Word, Excel, Power point).
  • Leadership, Analytical skill , Work under pressure and interposonal skills with all level
  • Experience in manufacturing field
  • Fresh graduate are welcome

Key Responsibility

  • Study and develop manufacturing process for improve process to make work safely with higher Quality
  • Analysis and finding solutions for solving the problems and presentation report for higher level
  • Control production line of spot welding and Jig operate with smoothly and standardize
  • Plan & Control Expense cost and Cost reduction activity
  • Document is complying with ISO9001 and ISO14001 and another company activities
  • Support shop floor Kaizen activity
  • Control 5S (sort, set in order, shine, standardize, and sustain)
  • Collaborate with other section to coordinate process activities
  • Study & Trial New project for good workability processs and properly tools
  • Other tasks as assigned by Manager, such as Safety , work environment management systems
  • New knowledge Follow the new techonology to be used in improving the work process.