Parts & Production Planning Engineering

Profile & Qualifications Required

  • Age 22 – 25 Years Old
  • Bachelor degree in Industrial Engineering, Production Engineering
  • Good command in English skill (spoken, written, read). Able to writing report in English.
  • Good knowledge in Microsoft office Excel, Power point), VBA Excel is preferable.

Key Responsibilities for Part Control

  • Management and Control team in section (Body parts delivery)
  • Part follow up
  • Follow up & Control delivery status of each suppliers.
  • Follow up receiving parts each store at Samrong, Gateway, KD Plant
  • Emergency & Claim Parts
  • Ordering emergency & claim order
  • Free zone & E-ticket
  • Operation of generate/re-issue/close e-Ticket
  • Control stock
  • Check & control stock for support production line
  • Scoring each suppliers
  • Evaluate delivery score of each suppliers.
  • Summary data
  • Monthly target

Key Responsibilities for Production Part Planning

  • Commercial vehicle complete built unit & Knock down part Ordering
  • Oversea MRP Process for Indonesia
  • Past check and Issue Purchase Order
  • Purchase Order Engine to IMA
  • Commercial vehicle complete built unit Oversea Part Claim order
  • Commercial vehicle component set order
  • Update Order for all business & Follow up shipment
  • Supplier Evaluation ( Delivery score)
  • Monitor Critical Supplier
  • New Project Follow up meeting